Fixed Reflection

I wanna make a reflection that doesn’t follow my character (cause the camera does) when he jumps, for the water of my game.

Can you explain the problem a bit further - what it is doing and what you want it to do?

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Of course,
I currently have 3 layers on my game:
Sky, stars and the main one where the world and my character are.
I have it this way to apply different brightness effect values to simulate a diurnal cycle.
The camera follows my player on the main layer.

The problem is, I want to have the reflection layer effect to make water, but it follows my player whenever it jumps, I’m wanna make it stay on a y level, just like another object.

It also isn’t affecting the background

Modify the boundary parameter of the reflection effect to a value between 0 & 1 (it maps to the Vertical position of the reflection point in the effects settings).


It’s a ratio of the screen height, measured from the top - 0 is the top of the screen, 1 is the bottom (and so 0.25 is 1/4 of the way down from the top, 0.5 is the middle, 0.75 is 1/4 of the screen height from the bottom).

You’ll probably need to change the amplitude or wave length ending at the same time, otherwise the ripples may appear compressed.

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Since this reflection seems static (you do not have dynamic objects that need to be reflected), you’d probably be better off taking a screenshot of your scene, mirroring it and adding a ripple effect, and placing it on the scene as the reflection rather than using the effect, both to help with this and for performance.