Fixing bullet offset

So, I have my player shooting. But there is offset when the player is shooting anywhere expect bottom- and top right. I do not know how to fix. eqwe Here is how the bullet is made. I have the “Eye” the point I want it to shoot from, that works. Its just the bullet offset. Changing origin point does absolutely nothing.

Try subtracting or adding values to the ones you have above.
On x axis (-)subtracts from the x position which tends to move the bullet to the left
On x axis (+) adds to the x position which moves the bullet to the right
On y axis (-) subtracts from the y position which makes it go up
On y axis (+) adds to the y position to make it go down.
Use this as a guide in positioning you bullet.
From the above picture
The above test event positions the shoot object at the point Eye and adds the value of 10 to it which moves it to the right a bit

This magic worked! I did not even know this was possible. Thank you!

Glad i could help…

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