Flashing colors without spritesheet

Hello Everyone:

This is a noob question: how do i flash the colors of the text in a text object or a sprite like in old video games without using a spritesheet with different colors.

Maybe it’ll make more sense if you see it. Please see the old Atari game here: Miner 2049er (Atari 5200) - YouTube

in the Video around at around 1:45, you’ll see the baddies going back and forth and their color flashing various shades of white. This old retro technique was used in other games for bonus points that would appear on screen [say “500”] and that score would flash various colors/shades of white.

Is there a way to do that dynamically in Gdev with a object property or something like that, so that you don’t end up importing a ton of sprites for various score, character sprites, etc.

If there is a way, can someone please post a snippet sample?

Thank you everyone, in advance.

Change the tint of the object. This works best if the original object is white, or close to white.

There may also be an extension that does this.

hi you can add an effect to the sprite you want to change and use an event to control the effect. you can also add a tween to the sprite to change the effect.

add effect to sprite


hello, thank you for your help. the screen shots you added were cut-off on the edges, so i couldn’t see everything [for example i could not see what kind of tween you added]. i tried to the best of my abilities off of your screen shots, and nothing is happening. is there any way you can please put up new screen shots or maybe even an example template game project? thanks.

hi in my example I have the same effect for each sprite when the apple is in collision with an enemy the enemy will flash from solid white then back to transparent using a tween variable.

add effect to sprite



Thanks a million for all your help on this. i was able to replicate everything in your code, with the exception of 1 line-item [shown below]. No matter what i do, i cannot get a screen that allows me to put in the tween range “from 0 to 1”. There is only 1 place to put in a value, and its the “to” number. consequently, i’m not getting the flashing effect. Can you please help with this one last item? thanks so much for all your help.

you’re welcome. I think that action has changed in updates but you can use tween a number in an object variable action should work how you have it.