Flickering issue when testing on android

So i saw this solution
But i don’t know where do i put this code ?
How to make it work ?

Thanks for helping …

We have two thread about this flickering :

For use this fix (maybe he can’t work on any support, try and tell me on github)

How use my (possible) fix with GD5 :

  • Export you game in a “Local folder”
  • Open folder and find : ‘MyGameFolder/pixi-renderers/runtimegame-pixi-renderer.js’
  • Jump to line 41 this._pixiRenderer = PIXI.autoDetectRenderer(this._game.getDefaultWidth(), this._game.getDefaultHeight());
  • Replace by :

this._pixiRenderer = PIXI.autoDetectRenderer(width=this._game.getDefaultWidth(), height=this._game.getDefaultHeight(), {transparent: true} );

  • After that you need create a package with cordova intel XDK or whatever for compile a .apk