Flip Gravity extension problem

I’m trying to use the Flip Gravity extension but get two problems.

It is not possible to use a condition for the action, so it is impossible to disable the flip temporarily. So normal jumps are not possible in the same scene(with the same key), activation only after a flip item has been collected, deactivate in pause menu, etc.

But the bigger problem is, when the player dies, the flap state is not refrashed.
If I set the player to the starting point, he flies straight up.
If I delete the player and create a new one, he can no longer jump/flip.
This also makes it impossible to solve problem #1 with a second player object.

@VegeTato or someone else knows a solution?

Hello, I don’t really understand what you are trying to do, but you can enable and disable the extension by simply adding a condition, here is an example:

in this example, flip gravity key is E and jump key is E as well, and Q is there to disable or enable the extension.

So it is possible to add any condition you want for the extension (just make sure it runs in every frame (don’t add trigger once to the extension condition)), if that’s not the case then you need to explain more what you are trying to do and why you can’t make it :slight_smile:

The flip state does not get back to default, but if you still having a problem, I can update the extension and add a new action (Turn Flip gravity off), which will refresh the flip gravity extension and restore the player states back to default when the action is called.

Hello, thank you for your detailed answer :slight_smile:
Now I know why it didn’t work for me… The condition must be met at the scene start.
This wouldn’t work:

Plus the extension description “make sure to leave the event condition empty.” let me think that no conditions are possible.

That would be fantastic!:blush:
Many Thanks

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Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:
I updated the extension and added the new action (Rest gravity back to normal to a selected object), and now it’s merged with GDevelop, feel free to use it :wink:

Note: Make sure to update the extension to the latest version.
Enjoy :heart:

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Works perfectly👍 Thank you.

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