Flip object based on their direction (boids)

Does anyone who is a little familiar with boids behavior know how I can flip objects based on their direction?

I don’t see an angle expression but there is a velocityX and Y. You could check if the velocity is greater or less than zero.

You could try:


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it works Keith thanks… I also have another question about this behavior.
how do I stop the enemies and restart them I’m trying to disable the behavior and then reactivate it but they stay still.

Yeah, it seems to stop the action.

IDK if this is the best way but I noticed there was a max speed.

mmm… I imagined this
and if each enemy has a different speed how can I restore the values for each enemy?

ok it seems to work like this

I’m not that familiar with the behavior. It’s a shame the activate action seems to stop the movement. You could save the max speed value to a variable if needed.

I’m not familiar with the time scale action. I’m wondering if you could put the boids on their own layer and change the time scale for that layer. That might be better. IDK.