Flipping sprites

Hi, I would like to know how I should work with this feature (flip sprites)

First: from where the sprite is flipped? Because I made some test and the sprite isn’t flipped relative to Origin Point and Centre Point, I think…

And second: why the Origin is not flipped with the sprite? If you have the Origin at left and flip the sprite horizontaly, now the Origin should be at right, I can’t think a way where keeps the Origin at left (other sprite’s pixel) could facilitate your work (I can’t find a solution to postioning a flipped sprite if it is rotating too…)
The Origin Point apparently is flipped, but in the debug window the sprite is in the same position, so it isn’t at Origin Point?

Anyway, a good game should have two sprites (instead of flipping), so you can add different details in both sprites (a normal right hand, and a robotic left hand :wink: ), is twice the work, but worth it.

PD: Maybe I’m saying a lot of nonsense, if someone could explain it to me would be great :smiley:

When you flip a sprite, the behavior is the same as if you used a flipped image ( i.e: The sprite position is not changed ), except that points and collisions masks are also flipped.
So the position of the sprite is the same, but the origin point is moved. ( It is the same behavior when rotating an object: The position does not change, but the origin point is rotated ).

Maybe it should flip all points BUT origin? Of course keeping old (or new) behavior as an option so games that needs it would have it.


OK, this was 3 years ago… but I still have the same problem…

If I flip a sprite, it gets flipped along the Center-point, but the Origin-point and any other points won’t get flipped along… under this condition, it seems impossible for me to coordinate animations and movement.

Is this a 3 year old bug, which has not been solved yet, or am I overlooking something (I’m new to GD)?

Please, give me some advice.

I have the same problem, except the collision mask won’t flip along with the sprite.