Flying object behavior

I wanted to interchange between topdown behavior and platformer behavior.
can someone please tell me how do i do that exactly?

Basically, i want my platformer character to fly, and fall (due to gravity) while still retaining control with left and right movement (while falling and flying). if you guys know how i can do this with just the platformer object, please point me to the right direction. thank you! :slight_smile:

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Hi, yes flying is possible using PlatformerObject behaviour.
In your jump event, just use an event to allow the player to jump again and simulate jump key event.

Do you have other conditions that need to be checked, like stamina? You can make it a variable and use a condition to check if that variable more than 0, then allow jumping.

thank you for this reply. do you have an image of the events that simulate this properly?
i have tried this, but i can’t control the speed of the jump ( i tried setting acceleration and jump speed to minimum, but it was still too fast

If the fly intent is like a Jetpack, try

1- first jump, normal gravity ie. 1500
2- second jump low the value of gravity to 400, then your character will fall slowly
3 - When player is on floor again set gravity to 1500 again

Hope this help.