Folder in the project folder for all removed assets

Add a folder in the project folder called “Recycle Bin” or “Resources Removed” when we remove resources from our project in Gdevelop, so that the resources we removed won’t be deleted, but if we want to delete them from the project folder we can easily know what they are and delete them accordingly, when we are really sure, without too much trouble. So you have cleaner project folders.

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GDevelop does not delete your resources, and my understanding is the devs do not ever want to touch your resource files directly (someone can correct me if I’m remembering wrong)

To clarify, removing them from the resources panel just removes them from the project data, not the project folder. If you rescan for resources the deleted resources will show back up as the files are still there.

Today you can clean your project folder simply by using the “Save as” functionality and saving to another folder after you have cleaned up your resources list, and only the resources currently in the project list will be brought over with it.

Maybe I expressed myself badly. In fact I didn’t mean to delete the assets in the folder, but to move the assets deleted from the editor to a folder called “trash” or “removed assets”. I didn’t know the last thing, it’s very useful, thanks.

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No, I follow you.

I was just adding clarification that generally they don’t have the engine touch the files at all (outside of initial copies). the only thing that actually touches files are external editors like JFXR or Piskel. My understanding is that is by design/design goal.

I do think that having a recycle bin folder for “deleted” resources could be useful, although it would require them to make sure that folder is ignored by scanning for resources.

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It would be really helpful for me too

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Hello y’all!
I am coming back to this topic and I’d like to know a couple of things:

Imagine that GDevelop gave you the possibility to modify your local files (hypothetically). That would mean that the objects deleted on the panel, would be deleted on the local files too.

My question is: do you have a preference on keeping a folder for “unused assets”, instead of deleting them from the local files?
Yes?, No?, Why? (there is no right nor wrong answer, I’m genuilly interested on how you organise and work with your files).

For me, I never want any game engine to delete files from the local folder (too much risk of file conflicts/accidents/etc), so my answer is towards keeping the local files.

If the resources are removed, a “trash bin” or “Removed assets” folder of some kind would be great.


I agree with Silver-Streak on the “removed assets” directory, this is how I did it in my tool GitHub - Entr0py404/GDev-Resource-Cleaner: A simple tool to clean unused resources from GDevelop projects., FlokiTV also has one with the same method. Maybe GDevelop could ignore this directory and have the same method