Folder structure in project properties

Hello mates, I would like to propose one that when creating a new project also allows you to create a directory structure for the game assets something like this:
Folder for Assets: then let the user to create a folder structure like:
Assets / hud
Assets / fonts
Assets / sounds
Assets / music
Assets / tilemaps
Assets / sprites
Assets / particles
If this is not possible at least just to create the Assets folder and then manually we create the rest of the folder when are needed.

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Nice idea.
Also it would be useful that when you generate a new file or import from the a outside folder, gdevelop puts it directly in the right directory

Well I think that by default all added objects must be added to the Assets folder, but is only my opinion.
For instance when you add a new sprite and use Piskel you can choose where to save it, the same will be nice but when you first add the Sprite from add new object

I think you are asking for some sort of automatic or first class system to sort your assets, which definitely sounds nice, but it’s worth mentioning that you can already do this manually. You just have to create the folder structure yourself and then put the assets in there BEFORE adding them to your game (or move them and then update all the resource paths). This is exactly what I did in TripleJump so I know it works well.

Sure I know that can be done manually in fact is what I do, but if this came as a built-in feature it would be nice.

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Hi sorry for post here again but I found a good solution and I wanted to share here.

And here a mini tutorial how to use it in your games.

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