Folders for each resource type in the project folder

It would be handy to have preset folders in the project folder for each type of file that will go into the project. For example, when we clone a sprite from the Desktop to the Gdevelop editor and this asks us if we want to make a copy of this resource, it would be very convenient for the cloned sprite to automatically go into a folder called sprites. While if we load a Font this goes in the font folder. If we create a file with Jfxr this goes in the audio folder. And so on. This way we will have the cleanest folders and if we have to look for something we will find it immediately without scrolling through the files endlessly.

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Hey Kruger!
Are you talking about the local folder (the one that saves on your computer) of your project
Screenshot 2023-02-20 at 14.04.01

Or about the object panel (text, 9 patch objects, sprites…)?

The local folder, where we can see all our assets (removed too)