Follow SVG Path In Curved Movement Extension Not Working

I created an SVG path command through the online svg path creator tool

I added the curved extension to the scene and the tween, ysort and speedpath movement behavours to the image animation object that i want it to follow. But tothing happens. Here is the event sheet:

Please help!

i tried this but it doesnt help:

It works for me with your two actions.
Maybe the other Behaviors on the spaceship are causing the problem, remove them to test.

The rotation of the spaceship works for me but it wont move along the svg path in my case.

One perhaps important thing i for got to mention is that the svg file just refuses to show up in the resources section. Is that an issue?

@jack can you tell me in detail what you are doing?

Does it have anything to do with layers, because thats the only difference i can spot? In my game every game element group has a separate layer.


You could try a simpler SVG path and a shorter duration time.

i did try that, no result

Try it in a new project, I still think that other movement things in your project have an impact on it.

still no result, i tried it out on a new project with a simple path

here are the detailed screnshot of the simmple project



I think the problem is in your path.

I entered the svg path instruction string into the svg path editor and got nothing:

If this svg path editor (same @jack is using in his example) doesn’t recognize your svg path, GDevelop won’t.

Also, your string values ​​seem low, so the movement would be imperceptible. You should keep the values ​​in your svg string proportional to the scale of your game.

I think his path was visible in the editor because he created it there.

Here is my svg from the video to test. "M 0 0 L 37 0 L 62 54 L 117 6"

There are different SVG encodings, GD doesn’t support all of them, that’s why the wiki says save as Optimized SVG in Inkscape. Maybe this online editor is not compatible but normal it ends in damaged paths instead of zero movement…

You can also make the path visible in GD using the Shape painter object and the Draw the trajectory action.

Yup, its working now!

No, I’m suggesting the opposite: that path isn’t visible in that editor, nor in any other editor.

I just tested his svg string, but it returned nothing in the editor (see the attached image). I don’t believe the issue lies with the editor itself. I’ve tried numerous path strings created within it, both with and without the ‘minimize output’ option, and all of them translates correctly into GDevelop.

This is a translation of @vivekC string path: “M 0 0 L 1 0 V 0 L 1 0 v -1M 0 0 L 1 0 V 0 L 1 V -1”.

It contains non valid instructions and all the values are in the range of -1 to 1. So…

  • That string is not readable
  • Even if fixed, the values are too small to generate perceptible movement in a path, because GDevelop proyects those values in a pixel scale. Just picture how much movement can be generated by a path wich values range between -1 and 1: all the movement wil be confined to a 2x2 pixels square, wich is not enough, even in a small windows frame like 640x480 pixels… let’s not say full screen resolutions

Yours works perfectly in many editors a visualizers. The problem is in his svg string not with the online SVG editors or with GDevelop.

I made my own example with a string generated in that editor. It uses these few actions to put an object in a path everytime is clicked:

It uses this path (optimized for the size of my game window):

This example can be downloaded from here: svg-path-example

And this is how the result looks:


Okay. My confusion was because your string is not the same as on his screenshot. I had no idea where yours came from.

Oh, I made it with that SVG path editor.

The commands V and H for vertical and horizontal lines were not handled till a new extension release some months ago.