Following video tutorial. Everything looks right, but isn't working

I’m following a tutorial online, and it appears that I have everything right, but in the preview, I cannot get the result as it appears in the video. Any suggestions?

You’re going to have to be a little more specific. Which tutorial and what is or isn’t happening. There could be a typo or the tutorial might be based on something that has since been changed in Gdevelop.

Sorry! The video I’m following is this one:

Upon pressing space, the flipper is stationary, no movement.

I did notice that he said to add another point on the other object in the same place, but I cannot edit points on tiled sprites it seems, which I had been using. However, it states to create a point at the same location as the first. Upon looking at the sprite I have chosen, I’m unsure of what values to put in to link the 2 points. It also appears that I cannot have both of them open in the editor at the same time so I cannot line them up.

To add some clarification, Tiled sprites cannot have custom collision masks nor points, nor is that what is used in the tutorial for the flippers. Generally tiled sprites are for UI or background objects.

You will not be able to reproduce the tutorial using tiled sprite objects.

Yes, as I’ve figured out today. How would I go about adding the point to the sprite? Would I add the same X and Y for the point on the flipper as the sprite or different values?

I honestly think I’ll need someone to walk me through this process. I do not think I’ll be able to do it through video tutorials alone.