(for a mobile game) how do i make it so that when i press an object it makes the player jump [SOLVED]

so im making a mobile game and if the way it works is, is i press
and it makes my player jump! thats atleast how i want it to be. please explain with detail and if possible, pictures. sorry for doing this so late at night. thank you in advance!

Give the player a platform character behavior and in the condition where the button is pressed, simulate jump key pressed:

no i meant a button that makes the player jump for mobile

Yes I have given the instructions on how you can do it. Create that button, give your character a platform character behavior, and when the button is pressed then it simulate the jump key being pressed. It is written there that when mouse left key is pressed and if the cursor is in touch with the button, however it works in mobile similarly to when you press a normal button on your phone, the code works for mobile as well as desktop/web. Try doing this once(see the images sent previously).

omg thank you so much

No problem, just edit the title of this discussion and add a [Solved] at the begenning so that others know that this issue is resolved.

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