For Beginners: GD Examples

First check the step-by-step tutorials, then you can check the Example folder of GD. It contains examples which come bundled with GD.

Other examples/source files which you can find in this Forum:



You can add my game.
Topic : viewtopic.php?f=7&t=5189
Sources :!ss5F2SaB!wnWCAgoBH … K37q_LrKh8
You can make a new upload.

Thanks! Added to the list. Can not upload: file is over 2 Mb.

Pinned this thread :slight_smile:

Since the list have not been updated since 2014 and only moderators and the original author (komencanto) can edit the list but I haven’t seen him for ages, I decided to add an example list to the wiki so anyone registering on the wiki can make changes, add new staff to the list.
The list is on the tutorials page for now but it may grow huge in the coming years so it may should have it own page but seems like I can’t create one but edit the existing ones.

Thanks, that’s a really good idea! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help, it make me access easier.

Will have a look at it, thanks for your help!