For Each applied to selection buttons

I’m sure the answer to this is very simple, but for some reason, I’m just not getting the “Repeat for each … object”. Sure I could do this with 4 actions, but I’m trying to learn the nuances of GDevelop.

Scenario: 4 radio buttons on screen. When user clicks on one, its animation is changed to name “select” and all other radio button animations are set to name “unselect”.

Set up:
There is one sprite named challangeSelectDot with 4 instances. Each instance has a variable (ID) set to the number of the button (so I know which one the user clicked on).

I created an extension (PARAM1 named dotClicked is passed the challangeSelectDot the mouse is on when clicked):
Variable ID of dotClicked = 1 Set animation of dotClicked = “select”
Variable ID of dotClicked = 2 Set animation of dotClicked = “select”
Variable ID of dotClicked = 3 Set animation of dotClicked = “select”
Variable ID of dotClicked = 4 Set animation of dotClicked = “select”

In the main Events window:
Touch or left mouse is down
cursor /touch is on challangeSelectDot
Repeat for each challangeSelectDot object Set animation of challangeSelectDot to “unselect”
(no condition) Call extension using challangeSelectDot


  • the animation change to “select” works
  • the animation change (using For Each) does not work, so on the second click, the first button clicked still shows selected.

Can someone tell me why this is misbehaving?


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hi, maybe you have to reset the state (animation) of the selectDot sprites before the for each

Well, after a lot of frustrating experimentation, I have come up with a working solution (link to project attached).

Google Drive - radio button

(hope this works - never tried using Google Drive before)

Lessons Learned:
When using instances of an object with Cursor/Touch, you can only reference the one instance clicked on (yeah, in hind-sight, this makes sense but sometimes I need to bash my head to understand)

Summary of code

  • test for mouse click on radioButton
    • if clicked, then
      • challangeSelected = radioButton.Variable(id)
      • set radioButtonClicked = true
    • end if
  • if radioButtonClicked = true then
    • For Each instance of radioButton Loop
      • set animation name of radioButton = “unselect”
      • if radioButton.Variable(id) = Variable(challangeSelected) /* see above */
        • set animation of radioButton = “select”
      • end if
  • end if

I would still appreciate it if an experienced GDevelop user can look at the attached mini-project and let me know if there was an easier way to accomplish my goal.


PS - if the powers that be want to add the project to the tutorial library, that is fine with me.

Not elegant, but definitely easier:

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Thanks, Gruk - I will look into it