For Each events

Hello everyone,

Is there a way to make a For Each events that uses Global Variables as objects within the editor? I can do it fine with object and all, but it could be handy to do the same with Variables and I can not find a way. Probably not looking at it the right way…


what do you want to do I didn’t understand

Well, I do not have a very specific idea in mind for now. Mostly exploring the software.

But say I have in Global Variables a structure with 3 childs
Test.child1, Test.child2 and Test.child3.

Would I make a For Each event that would put numbers 1, 2 and 3 as Value of those childs.

Does that make sense?

of course you can do it, but not with the “for each” event, but with the repeat event.


Makes sense.
Was the initial idea a bad one?
Any reason why the For Each event could not do that task?

Thank you my friend.

Have a good one!

as its name sad “for each OBJECT”, it is for objects. but you want to modify variables, not objects this time. so thats why.

Makes even more sense… I was not understanding it as an object but rather as a function.

So basically, For Each and Repeat do the same but with different components?

First month of coding… My brain is not set straight still. :stuck_out_tongue:


No, in theory it would be programatically more correct to be able to use for each for everything. But it already works so everyone is too lazy to change it I guess.