For each instance of the object, make your own timer, how?

Please help me solve this problem. For example, I have 10 soldiers on the stage, I want to assign a timer to each of them. So that they turn on their timer about once every 10 seconds. But with a difference of seconds. For example, one shoots every 8 seconds, the other-every 11 seconds. Is it possible?

Hi this is pseudo but you can try something like this:

Begin of the scene
Action: variable soldier_timer = 0

Other event not at begin of the scene
Foreach soldier
Condition: mod(soldier_timer ,2) == 0
Action: Reset Timer “soldier_8_seconds”
Condition: mod(soldier_timer, 2) != 0
Action: Reset timer “soldier_11_seconds”
Action: soldier_timer+1

Then to check just
Foreach soldier
Condition: timer “soldier_8_seconds”
Action: “do your shoot action here”
Condition: timer “soldier_8_seconds”
Action: “do your shoot action here”

What is “mod”? Where can I find it?

Rest of division, sorry I’m not English native

English is not my native language either
But, I meant where to find the MOD in the GDevelop editor

Oh sorry to use mod you need to go in Other Conditions->Other->Compare two numbers

By trial method, I found the following solution, and it is very concise and beautiful, I think so:

Timer for each object.7z на

There are 4 objects with their own timers in the attached file