For each object, If Object is dead starts its own timer if time is done do something

Hi, I’m making a game about randomness and tiles,
I have a problem with the game logic

TL;DR I don’t know how to make separate timer for each object if a condition is met

This is what my game looks like now

There are 4 tiles on the image, at the start of the scene all tiles randomly create object from my array list.
After the object is deleted I want it to count down let say 5 secs then spawn new items based on random value

Randomly spawn is not the problem, but how to make each tile has its own countdown when its item object is deleted

For example:


I delete my tile number 2 object which is “Tree” object
then 3 secs later I also delete tile 4 which is “Beehive”

I want tile 2 to count down its number 1 2 3 4 5 or 5 4 3 2 1 separately from tile 4 count down
Let say tile 2 it is counting 1 2 then I suddenly delete object on tile 4 the tile 2 is still counting
3 4 while tile number 4 has just start counting 1 2 and after count to 5 tile 2 spawn maybe Tree and a few secs later tile 4 will spawn too.

How to apply these count down to all of the tiles?

Here is my scene object for now

This is my beginning scene code for creating starting objects and give the tiles index variable to be called later.

The GameText is just for visual log to view its index

This is what I don’t know how to do next

“Resources” is dead (Group of my objects consists of Tree and Beehive)
Delete it then start counting down

If (Countdown == Done) { Spawn Object at that deleted resource (x,y) }
But I think I can’t spawn at that xy because it is deleted and no xy to find
or maybe how to relate the x y to the tile of that deleted object

Thank you.

Can’t you just use an object timer? If that doesn’t work, then what about testing collision with the bottom bounding box for each of the tiles to objects, and set a timer on the tile instead of the object?
And when the timer expires, it tests what object is touching it, and deletes it.
And the same can be done with the timer to add an object.

Thanks for your suggestion I will try it !

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