"For every child in..." event cannot access object variables in parent loop

If you have a “For every child in…” event inside of a “Repeat for each instance of…” loop, the ‘child’ event cannot access object variables from the ‘repeat’ loop.

Here’s an example: https://codeberg.org/BWPanda/random/raw/branch/master/child-event-repeat-loop.json

It has the following scene structure variable:

And two ‘Column’ text objects, each with a ‘col’ variable set to ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ respectively:

Here are the events:

Doing it this way works. It gets the column name from the current Column object and adds it to the scene variable ‘col’. It can then use this to get the appropriate numbers from the scene structure variable and display them.

However, if you change the “For every child in…” event to try and get the sub-variable directly from the current Column object, it doesn’t work:

Should this work?

EDIT: See [Solved] Problem using "For every child in..." event for context.

Are you sure it’s only for every child inside of a repeat event? I seem to recall similar issues with for every child not being able to read the object variablestring name of child I wanted, even outside of “for each” events, resulting in having to pass the object variable name of child to a scene variable as you have done. I just assumed it was how for each child was set up - to only work completely with scene variables. Because of course other events let you get the scene variable child you want using an object variable that stores the name of the child.

@Lucky-j Yes, it seems that’s the case. I’ve updated the feature request for allowing “For each child” events to use other variable types:

However in this instance, I am trying to use a Scene variable. It’s just that I’m also trying to use an Object variable as a key name. I feel that’s a different situation, so I’ll leave this bug report open in the hope it can be fixed separately to the feature request.