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Hi and welcome to the GDevelop community, this thread has a lot of information about GDevelop, how to use it, tutorials, wiki references and documentation related. You should probably start reading the Wiki to find out how to use GDevelop 5.

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Hello. I wasn’t sure where to give feedback on this, but I found the FSM wiki really confusing and I’m not sure where to turn for clarification. I couldn’t find on the wiki where to send feedback How to handle complex logic – The finite state machine (FSM) [GDevelop wiki]

I got hung up on this paragraph…
“Open the properties of the player object and create the animations “idle”, “walking”,”jumping“ and “falling”. Then create a string variable on the player object and call it “direction” with the value “right”.”

…because the wording implies you’ll be making the “direction” variable in the same screen as the player object animations, and the screenshot shows that screen, as well. What I think it /means/ is that it wants me to create a Instance Variable in the properties tab for the player, but since it never guides the user to properties, nor does it ever show a screenshot of it, /nor/ does it indicate that its an instance variable, I’m having to assume, and I am worried I’m incorrect in assuming so.

I didn’t do the wiki tutorial but I did this
FSM: [State machine] with 3 attacks, 3 air attacks, dash, wall jump check it out maybe helps you.
FSM: GDevelop 5
FSM: GDevelop 5


There are also a few other examples that include state machines fully built out. I believe the Game Feel example has one, and so does Not-a-vania.