Force rename on create scene

Instead of creating and then having to rename a scene, can it prompt to force you to rename a scene (or at least confirm the suggested name), please?

Right click on scene in project manager for rename.

I know I can do that, but when you create a scene, you can’t rename it straight away without clicking away then choosing rename, which means it gets left as the default name unless you do something about it. This is counter intuitive: it’s an obvious step to name (not _re_name) it directly - why not do this when you create it?

The same applies to other elements: objects, groups…


Yes. That is true. And to be fair, it doesn’t really make sense for those either, as you’d typically want to rename those straight away too. Contrast with something like VS Code where, when you make something new, it doesn’t assume the file name for you, but asks what it should be called: this is the natural first task, isn’t it?

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indeed, you are nostalgic to gdevelop 4 for that, like me ! There is so many things to ameliorated… i think there is functionality problems more important at this moment about Gdevelop ! But thank you to give your vew point :wink: