Force Window Height and Width + Scaling options

I am planning on building a pixel art game with GDevelop. The game uses a relatively small resolution (either 256x144 or 384x216). I can setup the resolution I want, but when testing the window is in that exact resolution, meaning I either have to resize it by hand or go fullscreen.

This can be solved by adding a second set of parameters in project properties for window w and h. Then when starting or testing the game, the window would default to that resolution. (e.g upscale to 1920x720)

Along the same lines, please allow for changing from smooth to sharp pixel perfect scaling per project. Pixel art games will often have a large amount of sprites and changing them all one by one to pixel perfect scaling is a hassle.

OHH YEAH THAT WILL BE COOOL i have tried getting that in soo long