Formating comments

Could you add ability to format comments? I mean like in Word or Writer, etc. This would be really helpful as for now you can only change font color and bg color and when you would have big text DON’T TOUCH THAT OR YOU’LL DESTROY GAME you simply wouldn’t able to miss that. Also it would be helpful for naming sections of your code (where ext. events aren’t really option as e.g. when this specific code only exist in one scene).

Though I realize that may be hard to do (dunno if there is richedit-like control for wxWidgets as I prefer QT, because it’s just quick toolkit and very easy to write for). In that case, font change (including name and style, not only size) per-comment would be enough.

Dunno about wxWidgets, but in QT you can put html directly in control’s caption/text (of course only simple html like , , , , etc.) and it will be rendered correctly, so allowing HTML formatting would be good choice too, if wxWidgets support it.