Formatting time from timers

How to format time from timers? I want to format it in hh:mm:ss.sss format so I’d get e.g. 00:23:03.340

was somewhat difficult, but I did it:

I have 6 global variables: “T_H” “T_M” “T_S” “T_Hspace” “T_Mspace” “T_Sspace”

EDIT: I’m sorry, the image is cutted: the text should be :
Display GlobalVariableString(T_Hspace)+GlobalVariableString(T_H)+":"+GlobalVariableString(T_Mspace)+GlobalVariableString(T_M)+":"+GlobalVariableString(T_Sspace)+GlobalVariableString(T_S) at 0;0 and color and size and font :wink:

I explain if any questions appear

You can for example format the elpased time since the beginning from the start ( TimeFromStart() ) like this :


It will display minutes:seconds:milliseconds.

In the next version, you will be able to get the time elapsed for a timer using TimerElapsedTime(timerName) expression.
For now, you can use a variable and an event like this one :

No conditions Actions : Do +TimeDelta() to the value of MyTimerVariable

to simulate a timer. You can then replace TimeFromStart() by Variable(MyTimerVariable) in the first expression below to format the variable.

Well, that’s shame, since I need timer to start at specific point of time (my game is hardcore arcade game and I want to make 3 seconds “cooldown” time at start to make sure player is prepared).

I don’t get where is the problem: You can add a condition to make sure the variable you use as a timer is not changed before some times ( using for example another timer ).