FPS problem or something else

I’ve been working in my game crashing. Now some scenes doesn’t crash but the performance is very slow in some moments.
In the scene a machine has to create barrels. Everything is O.K. until the machine creates the third barrel from a total of 5 barrels.
The FPS is set in 60 fps minimum and no maximum. No FPS fluctuation (no crash).
In the mac the performance is quite good but in tablets and mobile phones it gets too slow but only in the zone where the machine is placed.
What should I do to fix this?.
Maybe too much objects.?.
Thank you very much.

GDevelop can handle hundreds of objects without performance issues, but we can’t provide help without seeing the game and the events.
Mobile devices have limitations in terms of image size, perhaps your machine or barrel are too big, or perhaps you’re using some layer/object/lighting effect that is not well handled by the devices.

I delete the particles emitter that I used as smoke for the spaceship and now it works!!.
Thank you

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Yes, particles can be heavy, you can restrict the number of particles to avoid performance issues.
Good job on finding the culprit. :+1:

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