Frames of animation not playing. Possible bug

So I have issue, I have an event that when my player character wall jumps (using extension) it changes animation to my spin jump sprite animation. But gets stuck on the first frame and doesn’t play the others. I have tried disabling each segment of my code to see if its interfering. Its not. Still does it. Is this a bug?

Might add been messing with this issue for about a week now. If anyone has a fix that would be awesome. Loop is checked I might add.

Paste here link to preview and screenshot of your events

I have posted them in the order they appear in the event sheet. Spin jump animation code is at the very end. I have tried disabling each piece of logic in turn and it doesn’t sort it.

Did you try to add trigger once to it?

yes, made no difference.

Try without variable

Then if that don’t help ty disabling other events to find which is causing problem