Free access to google play store

If you could do so if I host a game in gdevelop for google play for free but only people that use gdevelop

For example, if I got an Android tablet with touch and I got gdevelop on my pc without touch and I want to use touch for the test you know so yeah

Unfortunately, free access to the post something to the google play store isn’t a thing that exists.

This would not be possible, as you have to have a Google Play developer account, which costs money.

It is also against Google Play TOS to make an “external hub” app that just points to external resources, so the GDevelop maintainers and contributors would not be able to just publish an app that points to web games externally.

If you want to test an android game before you get your own Google Play developer account, you can use network preview: Previewing your game [GDevelop wiki]

Outside of that, you will need your own Google Play developer account.

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You can also allow apps from unknown sources in the settings on Android and then build the app and copy and install the app manually on to the device, For example you can upload the apk to Google Drive from your PC and then download it on to your Android device from Google Drive or even use 3rd party stores like to sell/share your Android app.