[Free Download] - GDevelop Particle Effects Library

Hi Guys, finally after a few days of work I have released this free particles library for GDevelop:

DOWNLOAD Free GDevelop Particles HERE

All particle effects are easy to customize and free to use in your free or commercial projects. Each effect is easy to customize with internal GDevelop particle system and events.


  • 20 Unique particle effects (Fire, Water, Magic, Explosions, Snow and more…)
  • Easy to customize with GDevelop Particle System and Events
  • Well organized and easy to read GDevelop project and events
  • Preview each effect in real time
  • Move effects with your mouse
  • Preview effects on a dark or bright background
  • Enable or disable emitter frame
  • Free lifetime updates and additional particle effects

Please fell free to leave your feedback and suggest more particles for the next releases and don’t forget to follow me for more cool stuff:





Thanks for Downloading!


gotta have to say, its pretty darn cool.
i will try to use some of them (looking at that bad touch for my deathtouch spell).
But i do fear, those may be too performace eating, for an app. ill give some feedback, once i tryed.

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Looks outstanding. What is the licence for the texture images?

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Bro your work quality is superb, like your game and the tutorial on youtube, clear and simple for all.
Keep it up the good work!
A big thumbs up :+1:

PS: I think @4ian should add this in the Gdevelop examples because it’s show how much powerfull the engine is.


Hey, Thanks, I think if you don’t use all of these at the same time you should be fine, you can also play with settings to limit the max amount of particles to display so you should be able to tweak these to suit your game

Thanks :slight_smile: Some texture images are made with Free Photoshop Brushes from brusheezy.com so in case you use these there needs to be attribution to their website


Thank you :D, more stuff is coming up, so stay tuned :slight_smile:

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Really great Andriy! :+1:

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I think it would make a beautiful example :slight_smile: Actually, maybe even listed amongst starter games - it’s not a game per se, but it shows that it’s possible to create truly beautiful effects. We would need more example with this quality to showcase that GDevelop can go well beyond simple platformer games :slight_smile:

@andriymtv Nice work again! Is it ok if I bundle it with the next GDevelop version?


Hey Thanks for your feedback and I am glad you liked these particle effects. I always said that GDevelop is very powerful tool and I am happy to show where I can that you can do some nice stuff with it.
@4ian It would be my pleasure to have my example bundled :slight_smile: Let me know if you need anything from me for that.

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Thanks again Andriy for your great work! :smile:

A small question: i think it’s possible to have some mask by example a skull for the particle effect number 9, with effects on its face.
Can you confirm?
I think I have seen on effect number 9 a hand : it’s why i ask about that.

Thanks for your response.

Hey, yes, you can replace the hand with whatever image you want, just add a white image with transparent background, and then you can also setup colors for it. I think in the assets library there are also 2 skull images that you can try to use

So, i tested the horrortouch on mobile (a tuned- and scaled down version of it) and it runs just fine, even with 12 of them on board at the same time.
And it looks just AWESOME!

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Great :smiley: i’m glad it works fine


man, you totally hooked me up here.
Now i have to redo my entire system, which is based around animation and change it to Particle system :smiley:


Ha! this looks cool! particles will definitely make it look even better :slight_smile:

That’s sure!

Your game will be better than before, adding a more professional touch.

Hi. Particles look really great. I tried to have a go and this is the screen I get:

I have this black square on all particle effects. I’m using GDevelop (beta97) for Linux. Any ideas what might be the case here?

Thank you.

Hmm, this is weird, at first by looking at it , it looks like the texture images are missing, but then this particular effect is not using images, but basic dot particles, so at least this one should work. Is this the actual gdevelop project or one of the executables?

It’s the gdevelop project actually. I did change the parent folder name from ‘GDevelop Source Files’ to ‘GDevelop Particles’ but I was able to see all the resources fine in the IDE.