Free fire effects for Gdevelop

Public domain you may use, redistribute, do anything (legal) you like with this. Attribution, while appreciated, is not necessary in any form what so ever.

[size=150]Fire Standard Preview:[/size]

[size=150]Download link:[/size]!ChZS3ZwC!rzxw3DYkGw91 … VSVHURak-I

[size=150]How to use:[/size]
The effect package comes as highly compressed (less space and faster game load) .png files with 1 image for each frame.


  1. You need to create a new object for the effect in Gdevelop, add the images as animation frames for the object, and usually you want to activate the “loop” feature.
  2. You need to position the effect object wherever you want the object to appear.
  3. Set the zdepth accordingly so that it shows above or below your object (higher zdepth = appears above)

Specific to this effect:
You may want to use only certain images to get a repeating flame effect without the start-up part. I would recommend using images from Fire120 to Fire250 only if you want to get a properly repeating flame.

If you use a lot of instances of this effect on your scene, your project could slow down and lag.

  1. You can improve performance by using only some images (e.g. 5,10,20 or as you wish) as the animation frames. This will reduce the smoothness of the effect, but increase performance.

  2. You can also improve performance by lowering the resolution of the effect images. Set it to 50% or 25% resolution. Use a free tool such as XnShell or Photoscape to resize all images at once. Because this will reduce the size of the object in gdevelop, you can scale the object to get it to appear larger. This will result in reduced visual quality, but faster performance.

This effect is optimized for high resolution games. For low resolution games, you should definitely consider point 2 and reduce the image resolution rather than scaling down the object in gdevelop.

If you used the effect, feel free to let me know if it worked well with your project, and any other feedback you might have.

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[size=150]Fire no smoke preview:[/size]

[size=150]Download:[/size]!jhIn1SZR!leKEeXGsx_gR … E34YLT2AUg

[size=150]Usage and license (exactly the same as fire standard)[/size]

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