Need a free effect? You make the request

Hi there,

This is a free effect request thread.

Please, first check existing free effects:

If you need a different effect of similar type, please make the request here. Just tell me what kind of effect you would like.

Notice: This is a time/resource limited effort from my side, I like to contribute and help but I don’t have the ability and time to make every type of effect. Only effect requests that I can make in a reasonable amount of time will actually be accepted and made, but I will consider and think about every request I see.

Thanks for your understanding and suggestions. :slight_smile:

Edit: I will release some effects here until I can group them properly into a new thread in the future. For all effects I release in this thread: License
Public domain you may use, redistribute, do anything (legal) you like with this. Attribution, while appreciated, is not necessary in any form what so ever.

This is really kind of you :slight_smile:

Waiting for requests might take a while. I think you should pick a genre, a type of game as a reference point and make all kind of effects that comes in to your mind and got the time and resources to make them. For example:

Space game:
-thruster effects
-energy shield effects
-smoke, fire, spark effects
-particle weapon effects
-energy weapon effects
-glowing stars, nebulas
-full screen effects:
–helmet steam up, condense (when run out of oxygen)
–helmet got damaged (cracks in the glass)
–warp drive effect (when the stars just blend around you, similar to rain really)
–jump drive effect (like flying in a tunnel with all kind of weird anomalies, cloud and smoke like formations around you)
–nebulas/smoke/cloud floating across the screen (to make a static scene feel a bit more dynamic)

And by then end many of the effects might just fit other type of game as well.

Thanks, you gave me some good ideas. :slight_smile:

[size=150]Thruster 1:[/size]!S9QwALrK!wJdIJAY5mSd7 … Bz-P_EmsOg

Thruster 2:!roQjALab!k_a-4rtkDG7m … imdPVIy1-I

Thruster 3:!qspigILb!gXRS2nczb7TD … CK11RfpQBA

Falling Rock:!z142WBBJ!Nc8PAPVN6b3i … r3wNI8WfvQ

Reminds me of a flaming falling rock, but could also be used after rotating in any direction, e.g. as a skill effect (fire ball). Also in an asteroids type game for burning asteroids (they aren’t likely to burn in space, but maybe this is a special level with asteroids on steroids!)

[size=150][Fullscreen effect 720p] Blurred stars:[/size]!voZRHZhI!Nt-RBoT4cja2 … KRZ3n1uwN4

You’re travelling fast. Maybe even faster than light?

Looks great :slight_smile:

Nice ^^
But i think it is quiet similar to the samples provided with GD, yeah ? :smiling_imp:

what about this kind ? i failed to reproduce it :

:unamused: :unamused:

I haven’t really used Gdevelop samples much, so I’m not 100% sure. But on the other hand, effects in many types of games are similar so it’s normal for some effects to be relatively similar to some other effects. The more effects gdevelop users have for their projects, the better. :slight_smile:

I can create some generic flare type effects so you can see if it can be useful for you. It will not be a real copy or duplicate however.

[size=150][Fullscreen effect 720p] Flare type 1:[/size]!zxwQlAoT!sheakBb9HRe6 … BK9-iNqCnI

Edges look a bit ugly. This is due to 256 colors for animated gif preview image. It looks different with original PNG files.

Note: This effect is huge in size, so it is recommended that you only use a couple of images that seem to repeat well after you test them. This will reduce the size and optimize your game significantly. Another thing you can do is reduce image resolution and then scale it up in Gdevelop (e.g. image resolution to 50%, image size to 200% in gdevelop to get the same visual size), reducing quality but increasing speed.

[size=150][Fullscreen effect 720p] Flare type 2:[/size]!zwYyAQyT!4H9_86yxSSkb … 3yvlg–CEM

[size=150]Energy orb:[/size]!SowlkSxS!3cNtyS-91q5T … aD9eCA2lQY

Inspired by the previous 2 full screen effects, this is an energy orb effect you can use with all kinds of objects in game (e.g. as a special bonus item to collect, a “magnet” field, etc.)

[size=150]Energy orb type 2:[/size]!OtZ0DDCY!QGLLbEFxUrpk … O-S8SEWjhg

[size=150]Particle field:[/size]!ngJ3TI7D!VTUFChaxFIch … w7xrfJlRO0

This could be a shield, an energized weapon field, an attracting/repelling force field, or etc. depending on the type of project.

Nice result ! Congratulation :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks! Good to hear you like the result. :slight_smile:

What about the GD code ? can you share ? :unamused: