Free rain effect for gdevelop

I’ve spent most of the day today on making some effects to share with this great community. I hope that they will be useful.

It is in 1280x720. You can adjust to other resolutions by scaling the object in gdevelop.

License: Public domain you may use, redistribute, do anything (legal) you like with this. Attribution, while appreciated, is not necessary in any form what so ever.

To use, just create a large (size of game window) object, load all of the images as animation frames of this object, set it to loop and set desired speed, and then use a high z depth or separate layer to show this effect above other objects.

[size=150]Download link:[/size]!S8ISXabB!KfIF2ADR2M-N … iycqo-HPEY


Feel free to check out the snow effect pack as well.

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[size=150]Heavy rain effect:[/size]

It may not be easily noticable on this surface, but this is a heavier rain effect (more rain drops).

[size=150]Download link:[/size]!esRj1Yzb!deaLP1bSuIw5 … 2Owi60UWd0