Free resources for new game

Hi all, I am creating a new game and I need sprites that can throw items such as banana and food at its enemy. However, I’ve visited many websites to search for the sprites but i’m unable to find them. Anyone can tell me where can I download sprites that throw items at their enemy for free?

You won’t find that kind of sprite.
Download the sprites and do the animation… is generally a good source for free graphics.
But its almost impossible to completly take 100% finish art.
You do have to do some Spriting on your own, even if it is just modifieing stuff.
Find a banana sprite, find your enemy sprite and modify a little.

How to do animation?

Where can I modify it? Like using photoshop or any website?

This is similar to Photoshop, but free

For animations, you have to create frames so each image is a slightly different action. When played together, it should give the impression of movement. There are tons of tutorials and stuff available - just Google how to create sprite animations or similar keywords.

Krita does have an animation tool, but it’s a bit complicated (IMHO) - I don’t recommend that part if you’ve never done it before. Just open the image you want to modify, edit, and save it as however many frames it takes to finish your sprite. You’ll need to save each image separately, then load them into the sprite editor one frame at a time.

This article is mostly just tips on making good animations.

And here’s a how to video.