Free transforming object

Hello, is there a way in Gdevelop to freely transform an object? For example, to move the corners of a square independently?

The closest you can get to that is the 9-patch/panel sprite object. That will let you set up boundaries of your image and stretch those boundaries independent of the center.

There isn’t a method to slice a sprite within the engine, though.

Hi ellam_ondre.
For now a method is for example, when you go with the mouse in the square you can change the dimension, but I don’t know a method to move the corners.

If you look at the JavaScript documentation, at the list of possible functions and methods for working with RuntimeObject (, then the possibilities for changing the object’s shape (except for the size ) No. I believe this is the most comprehensive list of all functions.

Thanks everyone, I wanted it for making texture creating for walls in this pseudo 3D project more easy - from just 1 texture. Now, I need to premade textures in gimp for each segment of wall. But it looks like its only way for now…