From GDevelop to Arduino?

Hey guys !

I am an Escape Game owner and I build all my puzzle myself, using microcontroler with and without wifi.

I am pretty new to GDevelop and actually creating a fully digital Escape Game.

By discovering GDev and all its possiblities, something comes to my mind.

Any chance I could use GDev to control my props ? Meaning a button/event triggering something physical into my room.

Any event making it possible by sending signal, request, serial communication or something like that ?

Thanks a lot.

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I don’t think GDevelop itself could send serial communications, however if your other hardware that can control those systems and you could get some sort of interaction based web-server on it (basically a private API), you can use the Network Communication Event Actions to send/receive data from that system.


I know that people have been using my MQTT extension (available in the built-in extension gallery) successfully to interact with internet-capable arduinos. It may be possible to make serial communication via WebUSB but that would be pretty hard to do.


Hi !
Could you give me more informations about your MQTT extension and how it works please ?
Ultimately, if you or those people who have been able to interact with arduino could explain me how they did it, that would be great ! Thanks a lot !

Вам удалось связать GDevelop c arduino ?