From text to text directly

I try to create a dictation app for students, He or she will listen to the sentence, And he or she has an input text to write the first word, after he wrote it another input text appears to write the second word, My problem is that I want to move directly from text to another without using mouse cursor to sign the next text.
help please.

Hi kattan, I don’t know much about the details of what might solve your problem. But this might start you off. If the students press the Enter button after typing the word would that help? It’s part of typing and doesn’t need the mouse.

If they typed the correct word and pressed Enter then that’s the condition for the next text input to appear. Maybe it would add 1 to a variable and the text inputs would be numbered and then each one is displayed, something like that.

Actually, if they typed the correct word, then that alone could be the trigger. They wouldn’t need to press Enter for the condition to be met? So I guess you also need to think about what happens if they type the word incorrectly? And also what you’ll be doing to detect that.

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Hi Bubble, I already have a condition to make the next text appear, Also if his answer was incorrect, But student has to move mouse on it to start writing, This will be poring for him, when answer was incorrect the right one appears for him, But if you mean that Enter pressing solve the problem,( that the next text ready to write in automatically) please explain it for me.
thanks for your reply.

Ahhhh, I think I get it now. You want the text input to have ‘focus’ automatically. Good question. I know that the text input object has a ‘is focused’ condition but as far as I know there is no action to give it focus. I actually was trying to do this recently and found no solution. Wait and see what other people have to say, but this could be a good feature request.

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Is anybody has an answer for me?