Hey, congrats on GD3 release! Just began playing with it. Looks great!

Umm, if you get around to it sometime, could you expose FTP functionality from sfml-network?
I’m guessing this’d be a 20 min job for you. I’d be very handy for me.

I did CPP it in before by myself, but it was a clumsy hack to me.


Thanks :slight_smile:
For the FTP, I usually prefer to work on feature that a have a greater importance for the average user… I mean, creating an new extension also involves to support and maintain it for almost forever :laughing: So it’s not a so easy a decision to take.
What exactly are the feature you need? Upload/Download a file? Or more complex tasks such as creating/copying files? :slight_smile:

Well, downloading and uploading would be a start. But I’d like to be able to create, copy, delete, etc.
I’m trying to evade php script on my server.

But…perhaps I have it wrong. For the current upload/download file that you have, I need a php script to receive this data, don’t I?
Go easy on me, lol, I’m oblivious to all this. FTP is all I’ve ever been able to get working. I carefully avoid everything else.
Believe it or not, I use FTP to make multi player games online. I never need to move much data, and FTP has has treated me well so far.

Humm. Laurent has a tutorial that looks promising to me.


Pretty sure this tut. pertains to your current send and receive file from within the network extension from the editor.
It’s the missing piece to the puzzle, since I didn’t find any good documentation included with GD. He also provides an example PHP script that could prove useful to network virgins like myself.

After some experimenting, I may be able to do away with FTP.

I should apologize for bringing this up. I guess I figured FTP would be a quick no brainer for you to add, since it’s right there in sfml-network along side all of the other existing networking functionality. LOL, if ya get bored sometime I’d love to see it added. Otherwise, forget about it and go fry some bigger fish - and keep up the good work!

Thanks, Law

I hope you’ll manage to do what you want without FTP features. :slight_smile: And indeed as FTP is not really intented to be used to create multiplayer games, it’s surely better to use another approach :slight_smile: