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You say “too big” as if you are more qualified than others at pinpointing which level of knowledge someone has. So that means you’re likely going to try to be a watchdog or gatekeeper of other people’s effort to teach. In my personal experience, when this happens I stop making an effort to contribute to a community.

There are only a very few of us who are both qualified to teach and motivated to and able to find the time to teach. It’s a sacrifice, spending our own time helping others. Then somebody comes along as says we are doing it “wrong”. That’s like being one of the few people who actually give money to charity but then being criticized for not giving “enough”. At that point, the hell with making an effort for ungrateful people. Food for thought.

If you can NEVER advocate for me
If i am wrong i do not want drag others into my issues

Encourage ppl to use their brain is what i wish to do when i provide any help
I raised too many brainless zombies with my help on discord to just give away solutions left and right
So i totally agree with you here

BUT in this case i assumed OP had enough knowledge to understand screenshot alone and no clarification was needed
MrMen had 2 options
1 - he did care for OP sake
2 - he did care for any OTHER newcomer that could read it

In 1st case like i said it is OP who should ask for explanation and i can’t see me doing anything wrong
In 2nd case i would agree with MrMen BUT still i would lean into way of any1 who do not understand simply ASK there is no shame in now knowing something and willing to learn

Now what you wrote is also accurate
BUT issue here is
IF for OP i would assume he have enough knowledge even if he do not understand there WAS only screenshot in my post he would still figure out and everything would be fine
IF for some OTHER new user who just come by here and read it
I will agree that for such person it can be cryptic WTF did i post and why not explained anything

YET again i will point out that any1 who do not understand should ask

I see more and more ppl coming to discord and here are afraid to ask for something like they are in shame or whatever
Just because they do not know something
I very rarely see ppl ask about every possible info that could help them instead of doing something without using their brain at all
SO i will always go for forcing ppl to learn to ask questions
And that we are here to answer them and they should not feel guilty for asking or ashamed for not knowing something

OK fak it i am outta here i will text wall the hell out of this topic

See i need to learn how NOT to make walls of text yet i do feel shame to ask any1 to teach my how to just because i feel it would be stupid thing to ask
Damn i am guilty of same thing i just described other ppl have

Remember what is obvious for one person is not obvious for other
Maybe MrMen saw something in my post that could be fonusing
Even if i agree with you and say MrMen step out of his line
Or i say you are wrong and MrMen had every single right to do so
What’s the difference?

I edited my post and i did not die from it
I only wanted to make sure it is clear why i gave so little information
That is all

And again wall texting
Now i am really off

Just for clarification, I did understand @ZeroX4 's screenshot, and honestly, arguing if you should give someone a similar solution that’s not exactly what that person needs, and leaving them to fill in the blanks doesn’t really matter unless that person still doesn’t understand. Also, I don’t care whether I get a complete solution, or one where I have to adjust some events to get what I need. Just as long as I get the solution I’m happy.

Also, why are you arguing so much here? Can’t you do it in Discord or something? My question has been answered, so unless the solution doesn’t work ( I haven’t implemented it yet), there’s no need to help me with my small little issue.