Full Screen Activation

Recently, I’ve been having trouble with getting full screen working on my game. Every time I think it’s going to work, it doesn’t. Also, I am aware there is a post for this, however it’s over 10 years old, with the last post being in 2015, so I figured it would be best if I made my own.

Here’s the events I used.

Why the timer logic, instead of just a single line setting fullscreen?

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All you need is a “Trigger once while true”. Also use another key. F11 is already hooked.

I thought of using a key combination, specifically alt+enter, however I can’t find the enter key as an option for inputs in Gdevelop, unless there’s an alternate name i’m not aware of.

The identifier is “Return”, from “Carriage Return”+ “Line feed” on typewriters.

Is it ok if you can explain what you said?

Why the timer logic simply use Boolean variable

In Gdevelop, the key is not called Enter, it is called Return.

You want to use toggle variable action
To switch between two states using ONE key/button/object or whatever
There is no easy way to do 2 different things with one SOMETHING
That is why toggle variable is your way to go
Where if it is in one state it will switch to other state
So there will be never issue of it looping or switching to wrong state
Assuming you use trigger once

oh thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Buddy your on the wrong page

Are you sure about it?

Just because you don’t understand something
Does not mean someone else is wrong

It would have helped if you had briefly explained that you’re showing how to de/activate full screen by toggling a boolean value upon a key release.

For newcomers to GDevelop, they’d be scratching their heads to why you were using sound events when the question was about full screen activation.

When we try to solve someones problem we assume that said person have some knowledge

So we are not going into full detail with explaining even to newcomers some stuff
For example event is build from condition which is what you have on the left and action which is what you have on the right

We never have any problem explaining in full detail what is what and how to find/use it
At least i never seen any1 here refuse to explain anything including me

If newcomer will see i am doing something to audio on this screenshot
Instead of noticing i am using same clickable button to do two different things
I will have no problem explaining exactly what is happening on that screenshot and why

But to look at it objectively
Am i not doing exactly same thing as you and everyone else here?

Which is assuming that person we try to help have some knowledge already
And expecting if something is not clear they will simply ask for clarification

I edited my post so there is no confusion for any1 who will see that screenshot

But just to be fair
Out of your last few activities

It would help if you would explain how to input text into what layer we want to select where for newcomer all they would see is selectable list

It would help if you explain that world time scale
Is not RWT

It would help if you explain what events are

It would help if you explain what are global variables and external events and how at beginning of the scene works

I have much respect for you Mr
So do not take it as a attack
I only wish you to be fair here

Look at these 4 posts of yours
And tell me that you avoid letting newcomers getting confused by your replies with providing enough information so newcomer will understand them right away?
Just like you are expecting me to do so right here
And you do not expect/assume that someone have some knowledge already and simply will ask if something is not clear just like i did with my screenshot?

And that was the thrust of my post. It wasn’t a criticism, because your solution is actually quite clean and concise, and it’s probably a method I’ll use myself in future projects. It was a suggestion on how to improve the answer. Which you did with the update.

And as for my last few activities, I nearly always explain at what I perceive to be the level of understanding of the poster. I’ll be brief with those who appear to know what they’re on about, and I’ll explain in a little more depth to those who come across as newbies.

But, we derail. OP has a number of solutions, with yours probably being the better of them.

Er… what just happened?

I just wanted you to understand that it is not about me being lazy or you nitpicking
BUT it is about we all do the same thing more or less
We all assume users here have some knowledge

I assumed OP getting this far would understand what i am showing
If not i would be asked for clarification

And i did paste this screenshot tons of times on gdev discord
Never explaining what it does
Because as soon as ppl see toggle variable exist
They automatically understand toggle is way to go instead of set to
Never needed to explain what is the difference
Well i was asked few times about it
But never by a person who already did have some knowledge

It does not matter to me did you try to criticize me or not
Cause i am all open for it and to old to get angry about it
I just wanted you to understand that is something we all do here
And well how i was doing on gdev discord for almost 2 years

And about activities
I always give very rich explanations when i feel it is needed
Like to the point it becomes wall of text and being too long
For example

And what do we have here?


There is no improving answers here
I can’t go full wall of text each time same as you
The same way we can’t provide each time explanation to what is difference between condition and action by ourselves if not asked for it

And from pasted events someone who ask question we see
We do try to guess level of knowledge person have
And so we shorten our answers hoping said person will understand it or if not like i said will simply ask for clarification

So same as you and any1 here i will not also be able to always put fully detailed answer explaining everything

@Yhac10 misunderstanding we try to clarify
I am making sure MrMen get why i pasted only screenshot without any clarification
MrMen is making sure i would provide better help in the future

Where confusion comes from the fact i assumed you do posses enough knowledge to understand my screenshot
And do not require any explanation

So nothing you should worry about

As someone who has done a lot of coaching/teaching I want to chime in to support Zero. When you spoonfeed information to someone and just give them the solution you rob them of the opportunity to actually learn something. Zero makes you work for it a bit, which engages the brain and memory. This a well-established principle. If you truly want someone to learn, you make it a little difficult for them. People who don’t get this will sometimes express frustration, such as “why are you being difficult? Just give the answer” as if the purpose is to be unpleasant or withhold information, but if that was the case we simply wouldn’t reply at all. Makes sense, right? Zero puts in a lot of effort to share good information. He could have just ignored the post.

Definitely. However, teaching or explaining something that’s technical and which the learner would never have worked out for themselves is not spoonfeeding. By explaining you’re passing on the knowledge and providing them tools to work with. The recipient will still have to work out how to use that knowledge in different contexts or situations.

There’s working for it, and then there’s just making it too big a jump from what they do know to what they need to know. You end up confusing and frustrating the hell out of someone because that knowledge gap is too great.