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Hello, this question may have been asked before but i cant seem to find a solution. My game works perfect but its just not full screen in any phones. The resolution I have built on is 1080x1920, however there`s black spaces above and below it. I tried changing it in properties i.e. change height according to screen size with update resolution ticked on, that made it fullscreen but it also messed with the camera(I have no camera in my game as of now). Tried activating fullscreen in my actions but that also leaves subsequent black spaces above and below it. Any solution for this?? Thank you!

As you wrote, the solution is to change resolution according to screen size, height or width, depending on your game.

Thank you for replying Gruk, but i didn t really get you, do i have to create multiple versions of the same game..is that what you re saying? Or are there any actions which I have to do?

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No, I did not say that…
What I said was that you were right when you said:

I tried changing it in properties i.e. change height according to screen size with update resolution ticked on

You just need to fix your camera if it gives you a camera problem.

can i make a solid of 1080x1920 and center the camera on it…is that gonna work you think? since my character is fixed and dont really need a camera else. I cant reach my laptop and try it out just right now.

U’re not alone, got the same prob

how did you solve it then??

I didn’t yet gotta try all the resolution options

Try removing aspect ratio. It seems your game was made in the html format. And also use a screen size of 1024 by 768, it is recommended for most mobile screen sizes.

You can check this video out if you don’t know how to remove html aspect ratio:

Let me know if this helps.

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That works, tyvm.

Make sure in your game properties you have “Game resolution resize mode” set to “No changes to the game size”, or it won’t work.

Hey, i tried doing it…with no changes to game size, it`s just stretched lengthwise now, changed the resolution to 768x1024 still the same, what am i doing wrong. The phone I am testing have 720x1560 screen resolution. Is it my phone???

Try to set the Game Resolution Resize Mode to “Change Width(or Height) To Fit The Screen”. Check the “Update Resolution during the game”
When you test run the game on your computer, you will see that there will be no black sides even though any resize you made on the game window. So I conclude that it will also work on smartphones. Don’t forget to anchor your GUI(like buttons for example) in order for it to also adjust its position on the width/height of phone screen.

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1: Put “no changes to game size”
2: At the beginning of each scene, put “Activate Fullscreen” with “Keep aspect ratio” set to No.
3: Lemme know

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Hey thanls, for your input but i did everything opposite and it works across all phones!

  1. setup update resolution ticked with change height
  2. Activate fullscreen with keep aspect ratio set to yes.
    Although i had to move ground level and everything by few pixels, but that`s okay! If it works it works, right??

I wouldnt do keep aspect ratio tho or things will look different/misplaced from phone to phone

Hi Moondog, did you get it now?
may I ask your game resolution and the solution you did for this one. I also having a problem like this. Does your game now fit to all mobile devices?

well i get your point, but if i keep aspect ratio to no the whole thing stretches vertically, which looks sad

yes,1080x1920…however i dont recommend using that resolution also check the thread for my settings

Thanks man!!! It really works for me :grin: