Full screen not working

I made a switch to put the game to full screen or get it out of full screen. It lets me do that just fine but every time the game goes back to the scene with the full screen switch it goes out of full screen.

This is the code. I got no idea what to try anymore.

What happens if you remove all of the conditions to only trigger once?

Why? What’s the point in that?

Is this when you exit and then open the scene again? If so, add a beginning of scene event, and set the full screen mode based on the FullScreenSwitch state.

Yes that is the issue and what you told me does not help. It does not make a difference to the bug. If there is some other object than the switch object I can use that too

Is the state of FullScreenSwitch also reset? That will be because when you open a scene (by using the change scene action), all objects and scene variables are created with the default settings they have in the editor. If you change scenes, the state of the objects is not preserved.

So when FullScreenSwitch changes state you’ll need to store it in a global boolean variable. Then, in a beginning of the scene event, set FullScreenSwitch to checked or unchecked based on that global boolean variable.