full screen

why in full screen mode do my enemies spawn so fast there is hundreds of them coming out of the spawner i made but in normal windowed mode it works fine?

Because the FPS limit is unlocked (a bug). But the main problem is that your game is not independent of the framerate but should be. Do you use a timer to spawn enemies ?

hmmm, yea a timer like

“the timer ufo greater than 7 seconds at begining of scene reset timer and create object ufo at pos 200,200”

unless you know a better way

So, this should not be affected by the framerate change. Can we have a screenshot of your events ?

screen shot pc

here is what is set to spawn so i dunno why

The problem is the Tank spawner because Random(300) gets re-calculated each frame (so a lot more time in fullscreen as GDevelop forgot to set the framerate limit). So, it can be 200 one frame, then 1 the frame later. You need to store this “random amount” into a variable and use this variable in the event, like this :

thanks works great