Fullscreen edit mode for videomapping

Hi all!
Is there any way to edit the scene in full screen mode? We need to place platforms matching real objects and if we could do at the exact size as when we are playing it would be faster and easier!!!

Thank you very much!!

like a level editor? , if so then there is an example for a level editor system all you would really need to do is change the save system to an export system i guess

Hi, darkshadow! I mean we want to build a static scene while projecting on real objects (with a real video projector). To match the real objects (like cabinets and shelves) with virtual platforms or jumpthrus, etc. So we need to edit/place these elements on the laptop screen when the viewport of is at fullscreen size so then we can match the projection properly with real objects. So is there any way to get viewport fullscreen in edit mode?

Thanks a lot!!!

so you want it so a video object works with collision?(like the objects inside the video)

Hi @salvier. I think you can use this feature of GDevelop.
Whenever you are running a preview and think that the platform or other objects aren’t in the place where you expected them to be, you can press that button and apply the changes of editor in the scene in the preview.

Oh, that’s exacly what we need!