(Fullscreen) not enabled even after activating it in events

(This is about android)
i’m using gdevelop 5
my game runs well but there is a problem with 2 things :-
1- full screen in not enabled even after activating it in events.
by not enabled i mean that if i open the game on a mobile device (i tried 3 different devices) the game opens up no problem but the bar with (charging and time that is in all of mobile devices at the top is not disappearing or like the back button of the mobile etc. ) how can i make the game when it’s open it covers everything .

i tried : at the begging of the scene > activate full screen (tried keep aspect ratio (on and off) )
also : check if the device is a mobile > activate full screen (tried keep aspect ratio (on and off) )
but nothing works …

2- in some devices the text in the game look bigger and not in the right place .
and by that i mean at the start menu for example the text (start) looks fine and in place in my device but in another it’s bigger and out of place > why it that happening .

my game is in ( 854 * 480 ) and i don’t know if this resolution is OK or not
device orientation set to : platform default
and (no changes to the game size)

Thanks for helping out

Anyone ?

try to save using gdv 4 and run, if dont works try in a clean scene the fullscreen, if it works is a order of the code conflict the comand and must be put the code in the top of the code and search the conter order of the fullscreeen.

Yeah i did that but still the same :frowning:

ok i see, i report it in the forum of bug but, remeber if html5 or android app is alredy fullscreen. because the screen of andorid can run only app at time in frist plane in html is the page. now if is a native app you need compile to test because Gdeplop run in a second stance is an emulator think in Zness or VGBA. but i test and i have same error.

however, it reports the bug in the forum so that they pay attention to it or they will miss it.

have good day