Fullscreen on two monitors

Hi guys!
I have made an app that should be running fullscreen on two (1920x1080) monitors. One of the monitors is a touchscreen. The touch monitor should control what is happening on the other monitor.

I tried to make an app with 3840x1080, but it doesn’t stretch over both monitors, when enabling fullscreen. I also tried to stretch Windows over two monitors (doing a collage/stretch from the Intel graphics card settings to make it act as one monitor) but that killed the touch of the first monitor.

Anyways, Is there a way to force the fullscreen command in GDevelop to continue to the full length of two monitors? Or can I have two windows running simultaneously, one each monitor? I know that Electron supports running apps on multiple monitors in fullscreen, and I guess GDevelop relies on Electron?

All help I can get would be extremely appreciated!



GDevelop games run in Electron, and I don’t believe it has multii-monitor support natively, unfortunately.

Ok, I guess we’ll have to do it natively in Electron and skip GDevelop in this case. We have done some testing today and it seems to work. A bit sad that I had done some serious work in GDev already.

Thanks for your answer.


I did some more digging and it looks like multi-monitor support in electron is only added via external packages that people outside the electron project have made.

Unfortunately I’m not aware of any way to include electron packages in a GDevelop game export, so I don’t believe there is a way to do this at this time, although if any of the contributors have any other ideas please chime in.

Here is our first test with two monitors showing one app, fullscreen. It’s made in electron. I’m not sure if my colleague used any external packages. Thanks for your help!