Fullscreen problem

I need help, how do I make my game fullscreen in windows? I used At the begging of the scene : fullscreen on. However the only thing it does is chaning my computer resolution. Do i have to make my 1920.1080? :confused: :confused:

Not sure about the “fullscreen” definition, but I’m pretty sure that many games that I play in fullscreen do exactly that, or something doesn’t work/look as expected? :confused:

Sorry for being late, when I say windows I mean the platform, native. My problem is that I use at the begging of the scene: fullscreen on but the only thing it does is changing my screen resolution :confused:

Yeah, can I see a screenshot to have an idea of how it looks?, because not sure what do you mean with “only changing the screen resolution”, or why it’s wrong :slight_smile:

Are you trying this in GDevelop as a preview or in your compiled game? Cause as far as I can tell the fullscreen event simply doesn’t work in previews, it should work in the compiled game though.

Yes I compiled it, I will screenshot it tomorrow because right now I am from my phone.

this what fullscreen on does :frowning: http://prntscr.com/g0k7n4 Any solutions?

That’s not good :/, it looks exactly this way? I mean, you can see the taskbar and part of the desktop all the time in “fullscreen”?, or is a consequence of taking the screenshot? :neutral_face:

I solved it, the problem seemed to be the resolution, 800600 seems to not work :3. I used 960540 and it’s fine