Functions getting objects that have a certain behaviour

HI! I’m trying to make my own Platformer behaviour. So I have a Player behaviour and an Obstacles behaviour. If I want to use the objects that have the Obstacles behaviour in my Player behaviour events for collision, is there any way to do this?

As of now, there is sadly no way of doing this (or at least not without making the extension in JavaScript)

Maybe I got this wrong, but in the parameters tab, you can add other objects and behaviors for those objects.

I think they meant like in the platform and platformer characters behaviors, or the pathfinding and pathfinding obstacle where one changes the behavior of the other out of the box.

Though now that i think about it, you cannot use the other objects directly but those built-in behaviors also do not, they only put into the equivalent of a global variable some data (position, height/width…) about the object which is then retrieved and used by the other behavior from that global variable. Depending on what your extension is meant to do it may be possible.