Game built and saved to gdeverlop game site

I did a save as and downloaded the zip file for a game that i built called mini-golf, but now unable to open it with the online editor.

It is not listed on the online list of my games?

Can I get some help to restore this game? Thank you sooooo much and have a great day.

Is there a better way to back up my games?

I still can’t access my game to do improvements to it.

You can’t directly open a game zip project in GDevelop web version.

There is a “Open with Google Drive” option that you can try (I have no idea what it does, but I suppose you can drag a zip to google drive and open it from there)

Tried that but didn’t work, don’t know what i am doing wrong?

You want to keep working on the game right? Can you check the content of the zip file

Just so happened that my computer stopped working, I have a new computer but lost all the backup files. The only copy of the game is the one that I served to the gdevelop game site.

I’m not aware of a way to keep editing an exported game (you could work directly on the exported code but it would be a real pain)

Last time this happened the wonderful people at gdevelop restored the build that I had served to their game site and accidently deleted. I am hoping that some nice programmer can restore my build to my list of games.