Game Crashes After Multiple "Change Scene"

I was playing around with the Downhill Bike Demo on the example games and I found out that if you click the Retry button 10++ times [to Change Scene] the game will crash without any error messages. I tried it in both on a mobile device and chrome browser and the issue is there. I am suspecting some memory leaks on the Physics on reload.

How To Replicate The Issue

  • Play Downhill Bike Demo
  • Click Retry button 10++ times
  • App/Browser/Mobile Browser will crash

Update for those stumbling on this: that’s indeed some kind of leak on the physics engine side but I’m not exactly sure how we can workaround this for now.

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I’m not sure if the physics engine is to blame for this, if you try to restart any scene of any project about 10 times and look in the task manager, you will notice how the RAM consumption of the GD application will increase 10 times

restart specifically with “change scene” event

Yes, that’s what a memory leak is.

Does that mean you can get a physics engine memory leak while not using physics?

no. GDevelop never even includes the code for features you do not use in previews and builds.