Game crashes frequently

Recently my game crashes a lot while running the preview. This happens a several times every day and sometimes forces me to turn off my computer by unplugging it as the whole screen turns black.
This is what the left corner of the screen looks like when the game crashes. The audio and control still work fine but the screen is invisible. I guess this might be because I used oversized images (1800*1200 canvas size) for a moving sprite in the game which overflow the memory as reported in the console.
Seems like it has led to some ‘context lost’, which I don’t quite understand. I’m still wondering if there are any other possible reasons of the crash other than oversized sprites.

The fist error says it all, your GPU is out of VRAM. You will need to either buy a GPU with more VRAM, or use less and smaller images to reduce the amount of VRAM taken by them.